NEWS: On April 16, the National Park Service updated its projections for release of prospectuses through the end of December 2015. We have deleted the projects recently released (such as DENA001 and VIIS001) and changed the projected release information for SEKI004 and KATMXXX (sport fishing and boat storage). The remaining projects include some of the larger operations in the system such as the major lodging, food and beverage, and retail contract at Sequoia National Park, and contracts for food and beverage, retail, and parking operations at Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The Service also plans to release four prospectuses for new operations in Everglades National Park, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Channel Islands National Park, and Haleakala National Park. For additional information, please contact us at NPS Commercial Click here to view a list of projected prospectus releases.

Selection and award is a critical phase of the commercial services contract planning and development process. By law, all contracts are issued through competitive selection based on the weighted principal and secondary selection factors.

Principal Selection Factors
  • The responsiveness of the proposal to the objectives, as described in the prospectus, of protecting, conserving, and preserving resources of the park area.
  • The responsiveness of the proposal to the objectives, as described in the prospectus, of providing necessary and appropriate visitor services at reasonable rates.
  • The experience and related background of the offeror, including the past performance and expertise of the offeror in providing the same and similar visitor services as those to be provided under the concession contract.
  • The financial capability of the offeror to carry out its proposal.
  • Franchise fee and other forms of financial consideration to the Director. (This factor is subservient in weight to the prior four selection factors.)
Secondary Selection Factors
  • The quality of an offeror's proposal to conduct its operations in a manner that furthers the protection, conservation, and preservation of the park area and other resources through environmental management programs and activities including, without limitation: energy conservation, waste reduction, and recycling. (If contract is < $100k, this is an optional factor; if it is > $100k, then it is required.)
  • Specific to the Park (if needed).
  • Specific to the Park (if needed).

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